nova / minor / they & he / est

  • ㅤdo notㅤㅤBe rude, bigoted, or intolerant of others

  • ㅤdo notㅤㅤslander the things i like, make fun of me (unless close)

  • ㅤdo notㅤㅤbe toxic, fake, manipulative, or otherwise shitty

  • ㅤdoㅤㅤuse tone tags and respect when I use them

  • ㅤdoㅤㅤask me how i am, talk to me about random things, tell me about your interests

  • ㅤdoㅤㅤAsk my about my interests, especially music! let me tell you about the things that I love

  • ㅤheightㅤㅤ5'0

  • ㅤeyesㅤㅤdark brown

  • ㅤhairㅤㅤblack & curly

  • ㅤscarsㅤㅤface, knees, arms

  • ㅤlanguagesㅤㅤenglish

  • ㅤetnicityㅤㅤindian

  • ㅤsiblingsㅤㅤone older sis

likes (shortened)
Formula 1, AleXa, Ateez Jam Bands, 90's rock, Singing Guitar Keys, Music performance, Concerts, Genshin, Project Sekai
toxic ppl, bullying, antis, drama, arguing on the tl 24/7, school, work, [fake people], manipulation, cheese, drama, woojin antis, toxic redbull fans, max verstappen antis
  • ㅤnameㅤ nova

  • ㅤaliasㅤㅤitsnovaaa

  • ㅤageㅤㅤminor

  • ㅤpronounsㅤㅤthey/he

  • ㅤbirthdateㅤㅤ3/31

  • ㅤsexualityㅤㅤbisexual

  • ㅤoriginㅤ india

  • ㅤlocationㅤ america.

  • ㅤzodiacㅤㅤaires

  • ㅤmbtiㅤ istp-t

contact ♡⟶ discord: itsnovaaa
[email protected]
⟶ genshin: 623236157

ㅤSo go and drift away from me && adopt some new philosophyㅤ

ATEEZ, ALEXA, STRAY KIDS formula 1, [music theory], ferrari, nmixx, playing music, genshin impact, dogs, heaven official's blessing, jpop and [vocaloid], project sekai,] singing and guitar,. 90's alternative and grunge, polyphia, covet, reading, rainy days, music performance, [in memory of elizabeth reed], hatsune miku, southern rock, webtoon, yoasobi, tedeschi trucks band, greatful dead, [jam bands], mercedes, carlos sainz, mclaren

s h a m e
Though I tried, oh to let it all fall away. Oh but sometimes I, I hear exactly what you say. Makes me wonder, why you're broken? Lord you have to wonder-- where are we going?

b r o a d w a y
Forgotten but not gone-- You drink it off your mind. You talk about the world like it's someplace that you've been. You see you'd love to run home but you know you ain't got one. 'Cause you're livin' in a world that you're best forgotten around here.

d e a c o n b l u e s
You call me a fool-- You say it's a crazy scheme. This one's for real, I already bought the dream. So useless to ask me why. Throw a kiss and say goodbye. I'll make it this time-- I'm ready to cross that fine line.

s i m p l e t h i n g s
'Cause I've been taking, more than I've been giving. And underneath my shadow there's so much that lies in store Simple things make it all worth living. Looking for life without sorrow, love without pain.

  • ♛ㅤkoko

  • close trusted friend

  • excl. checking in a lot

  • ♛ㅤzen

  • my favorite server owner and a good friend

  • ♛ㅤkelly

  • my literal idol

  • excl. jokes, banter, goofing around, etc

  • ♛ㅤevie

  • my best friend

  • excl. everything (offensive jokes)

  • ♛ㅤjess

  • irl good friend and

  • excl. jokes about my height

  • ♛ㅤalex

  • my baby boy

  • excl. showing me some... images

  • ♛ㅤbob

  • the silliest man

  • excl. spamming me with tiktoks